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  • Ideally, it's beneficial to have a minimum of 3 people per course (on-site or virtual)
  • Courses are offered the 2nd and 4th Sunday from 3pm to 5pm
  • $40 per person 
  • Payment options: PayPal / credit card or cash
  • If paying via PayPal or credit card, payment needs to be received before start of course
  • If paying via cash, payment needs to be received at the door
  • Virtual courses are held through ZOOM
  • On-site courses are typically held in Tierrasanta, but locations may change from time to time
  • Contact me at to sign-up for one or both of these courses
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This course goes over important aspects of paranormal research and serves as a motivator for anyone interested in learning more about the field.  Although other branches of supernatural field study are discussed, this course concentrates on ghost research. 

1. The tent poles and foundations of a solid paranormal researcher and investigative team; an overview of the San Diego Paranormal Research Society;
2. What are ghosts and spirits? Types of paranormal phenomena; theories that can potentially explain paranormal phenomena;
3. Signs of paranormal activity; definition of a "haunting," places known to attract paranormal phenomena;
4. Types of case study data: Investigation methodologies and experiments (spirit photography, EVP / ITC, spirit communication, videography, environmental monitoring, metaphysical practices, etc);
5. Analyzing alleged ghost photographs - how to examine photographs / discussion of the "Great Orb Debate," - how to identify natural versus potential spirit orbs and anomalous photographs;
6. An overview of the types of various equipment used in paranormal research and why they're used;
7. Spiritual protection and why it's needed; when and when not to investigate (the importance of being healthy, staying grounded and centered);
8. Ghost hunter mentality versus paranormal researcher mentality; discussing the "paratainment" phenomenon and how it influences peoples' beliefs of the paranormal
9. Intuitive versus scientific research; is the field a pseudo-science? Elaboration on the debate about this concept;
10. Breaking into the field of paranormal research; what you need to know;
11. Pareidolia and why it's relevant to paranormal research;
12. Case study data review and analysis - software programs, case report writing;
13. How to properly interview clients (private residence, business and historical locations);
14. Paranormal research trends and ways to improve field study through professional development and education;
15. Questions and Answers / Group discussion

$40.00 Per Person 

Additional Ghost Course is $40/course



This course builds off of Paranormal Investigation 101, discussing advanced research methods and experimentation. This course applies to those who have some paranormal research experience and are looking to further their knowledge of advanced equipment use, data analysis and adjunct research. This is a hands-on and discussion-style course.

$40.00 Per Person 

Additional Ghost Course is $40/course


Have you ever envisioned yourself running your own paranormal team? Nicole Strickland definitely has.  Nicole and other SDPRS members share the steps and procedures utilized for co-developing the San Diego Paranormal Research Society. Topics include: standard operating procedures/protocols, team mission statement, relevant forms, administration functions, team member roles, conducting team meetings, case management, investigation permission, investigation principles, team website, etc. This course is a must for those who want to establish and run their own paranormal team. Nicole's upcoming book about paranormal research will discuss this topic more in detail as well. 

$40.00 Per Person 

Additional Ghost Course is $4O/course