"Formula of a Haunting" Review

“Formula of a Haunting”

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Nicole Strickland

 "Insightful, engaging and thought-provoking – 'Formula of a Haunting' is the essential content the paranormal realm begs for!"

Having a bachelor’s degree in the media arts spectrum, I know that specific aspects need to be met for a video series and/or film to be successful.  Specifically, the framework of the project – i.e., the filming, editing, special effects, sound, lighting, etc. – need to be spot on.  However, that’s just one side of the coin; the content featured in the project needs to have a depth that not only grabs a person’s attention, but leaves an everlasting impact on the viewer.  “Formula of a Haunting” does just that and more!

It’s no surprise as it’s spearheaded by Brandon Alvis, a passionate filmmaker and one of the paranormal research field’s most accomplished and dedicated.  In this engaging film series, Brandon and his crew have answered the clarion call to do what many in the field won’t even attempt to touch:  the careful examination and meticulous scrutiny of a haunting’s nucleus; dissecting it bit-by-bit to see if humanity can potentially answer the many questions it has regarding ghosts, spirits and hauntings. 

“Formula of a Haunting” comes at the perfect time as the proverbial spotlight is on the paranormal these days.  More than ever, ghost investigators and supernatural researchers need to step out of their comfort zones and apply better objective observation and critical thinking.  “Formula of a Haunting” serves as a motivator to get this done; it further showcases the importance of utilizing the symbolic magnifying glass to look at each piece of a haunting from various different angles.  It’s only then will we be able to gain a further understanding of what goes bump in the day or night.

“Formula of a Haunting” is not only expertly filmed and produced, it provides a healthy dose of profound substance that is often lacking in the field of paranormal research. 

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