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Writing - Manuscript Development - Consulting

Hello, it’s nice to meet you.  Throughout life, I have developed a passion for educating and connecting with others via like-minded interests.  I have always believed that there is a piece of the same pie for everyone.  We all learn from each other.  Much gratification comes with being able to share learned knowledge and expertise with others in a generous, uplifting manner.  It contributes to the everlasting nexus of human connection and growth.  

 Below is a summary of the freelance services I offer.  Please understand that due to my hectic schedule, I can only take on a select number of projects per month.  Most importantly, I put my heart and soul into each project I take on. Thus, I want to ensure that I have the proper time and energy to dedicate to yours.  Once you make contact, I can let you know what openings I have and we’ll get the ball rolling.  We’re experiencing unprecedented times of challenge and restoration.  To cater to those who may be on a tight budget, I do offer reasonable rates.


Magazine and/or News Article Writing

I love to research and write about various topics.  Writing is a wonderful way of sharing life’s wonders with readers from all over the world.  Whether it’s about culture, travel, historical places, paranormal, health and well-being, psychology, etc., please know that I give it my all for each piece I write.  Contact me if you’d like me to write a magazine or news article for your business, website or blog.   *Due to my full-time job and other projects, I can only take on a select number of freelance projects per month. 

 Price: $150 / article

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Nonfiction Book Development Consultation

Congratulations! You’ve decided to embark on a wonderful adventure in the world of writing.  I can tell you from personal experience, that writing a book is a life-changing experience that gives you a glimpse into the window of self-discovery and creativity.  Deciding to actually set sail on this voyage is the first, albeit, hardest step; you’ve conquered it.  With the manuscript development and writing processes, you’ll experience a plethora of excitement, anxiety (the good kind) and occasional frustration.  Don’t worry; this is normal as all writers endure it. 

Although very rewarding, writing a book of any kind can be quite time-consuming.  You have to factor in other components, such as the research phase, outline / table of contents, contributor interviews, proofreading, and so on as these all take quality time to complete.  If you are writing a nonfiction book but are unsure of how to organize the content, I can guide you in the process.  During the consultation, we can discuss your project more in detail and the various ways you can organize your chapters.  I am glad to share with you some tips and suggestions that have worked well for me.  Please fill out the contact form to give me a better idea of what your project entails.    *Due to my full-time job and other projects, I can only take on a select number of freelance projects per month.  

Price: $75 per session

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Book Proposal Writing Consultation

The book proposal process is an integral component to any manuscript. It’s your time to advocate your book and share with agents and publishers why yours is the best of the best.  Although certain proposal sections are universal across all publishers, each company’s process may slightly differ.  After writing several nonfiction books with various publishers, I have fostered the knowledge of how to write a suitable and well-written book proposal.  Offering tips and suggestions from my own experience, I will guide you through each step of the book proposal process, so you can be on your way to publishing your creation.  *Due to my full-time job and other projects, I can only take on a select number of freelance projects per month.  

Price: $75 per session

Or, $120 for both manuscript development and book proposal writing consultations

Save 30% Get Both!

Presentations | Courses | Paranormal Investigations offered for High School and College Students

I have a special place in my heart for presenting.  It’s where I can share my heartfelt passions and interests with people from all walks of life.  It’s a way to connect with other human beings in a positive way.  Learned knowledge leads to brightened horizons and interpersonal evolution. 

Do people report paranormal phenomena on your campus? Are your students interested in learning more about what goes bump in the night or day? 

I love speaking and sharing my passion for supernatural phenomena and paranormal research and investigative practices.  For 20 years, I have been conducting ghost research projects at numerous private residences, businesses and historical locations on the West Coast and beyond. 

In addition to presenting at various conferences, events and libraries, I am also available to present, teach a course or guide your students through an actual paranormal investigation on your campus. Check out my various presentation and course offerings. My rates are reasonable and vary depending on whether extensive travel is involved. Please contact me at for more information. I look forward to hearing from you.